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Who we are

Skyline Optical Trading is a family run wholesaler and distributor of Eyewear frames, Sunglasses and optical lenses, currently serving the whole Malaysia and Asia. Our core purpose is ‘To supply the best optical products in the friendliest and most helpful way’ and we are proud to work, live, eat and sleep optical supplies. Our mission statement reflects this ethos, as do our core values: We are committed to customers, quality, flexibility, trust and integrity. We will always be approachable and friendly. We also believe that actions speak louder than words, which is why every system and structure within Skyline Optical  is focused on delivering outstanding quality and service to all.

Skyline Optical Trading是家庭经营的眼镜框,太阳镜和光学镜片的批发商和分销商,目前为整个马来西亚和亚洲提供服务。 我们的核心宗旨是“以最友好,最有用的方式提供最好的光学产品”,我们为工作,生活,饮食和睡眠光学用品感到自豪。 我们的使命宣言和我们的核心价值观也反映了这种精神:我们致力于为客户,质量,灵活性,信任和诚信。 我们将永远平易近人和友好。 我们还相信,行动胜于雄辩,这就是为什么Skyline Optical内部的每个系统和结构都致力于为所有人提供出色的质量和服务的原因。


Our Mission

At Skyline Optical, our mission is to stand above the competition by providing our customers with exceptional services, quality products and unparalleled customer support. As a pro-active company, we are continuously re-defining our standards, through innovation and flexibility. Put simply, we strive to be the best at what we do.

在Skyline Optical,我们的使命是通过为客户提供卓越的服务,优质的产品和无与伦比的客户支持来在竞争中脱颖而出。 作为一家积极进取的公司,我们通过创新和灵活性不断重新定义我们的标准。 简而言之,我们努力做到最好。


Our Ethos

Our ethos is to provide the marketplace with a trustworthy, reliable source for any of our customers supply needs.

Our experience in the industry, and the relationships we have built with our product manufacturers has earned us a commanding reputation for delivering Professional advice on high quality goods at competitive prices.

Our commitment to continuous product and service improvement means we are always seeking to re-define our standards and achieve 100% customer satisfaction always exceeding expectations.

Offering a tailored, bespoke service, our highly skilled team is dedicated to providing a hassle free, simple and flexible supply solution.






Our Quality

All our services are designed to make sure that your valuable work gets the recognition it deserves. So, this is our commitment to you:
If you’re not satisfied, we're not satisfied
我们所有的服务旨在确保您的宝贵工作得到应有的认可。因此,这是我们对您的承诺: 如果您不满意,我们不满意

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